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Windows Computer ေတြရဲ႕ system file ေတြကို Backup လုပ္ႏိုင္/Restore လုပ္ႏိုင္တဲ့ O&O DiskImage ျဖစ္ပါတယ္.. Computer ရဲ႕ System Files ေတြ၊ Driver ေတြကို Backup လုပ္ထားႏိုင္ပါတယ္.. ကြန္ပ်ဴတာ ျပႆနာတက္တဲ့အခါ ျပန္ၿပီးအသံုးျပဳလို႔ရတာေပါ့.. Restore လုပ္ရတာလည္း လြယ္ပါတယ္.. System ဖိုင္ေတြကို Boot System ျဖစ္ေအာင္လည္း လုပ္ႏိုင္ပါတယ္.. ကြန္ပ်ဴတာအသံုးျပဳသူေတြ ရယူအသံုးျပဳသင့္တဲ့ Software ျဖစ္ပါတယ္.. Software ကို Install လုပ္ၿပီးရင္ အင္တာနက္ပိတ္ၿပီး ကီးထည့္ေပးရံုနဲ႔ 49.95 ေဒၚလာတန္ Software ကို အလကားသံုးႏိုင္ပါၿပီ...
Windows Computer တွေရဲ့ system file တွေကို Backup လုပ်နိုင်/Restore လုပ်နိုင်တဲ့ O&O DiskImage ဖြစ်ပါတယ်.. Computer ရဲ့ System Files တွေ၊ Driver တွေကို Backup လုပ်ထားနိုင်ပါတယ်.. ကွန်ပျူတာ ပြဿနာတက်တဲ့အခါ ပြန်ပြီးအသုံးပြုလို့ရတာပေါ့.. Restore လုပ်ရတာလည်း လွယ်ပါတယ်.. System ဖိုင်တွေကို Boot System ဖြစ်အောင်လည်း လုပ်နိုင်ပါတယ်.. ကွန်ပျူတာအသုံးပြုသူတွေ ရယူအသုံးပြုသင့်တဲ့ Software ဖြစ်ပါတယ်.. Software ကို Install လုပ်ပြီးရင် အင်တာနက်ပိတ်ပြီး ကီးထည့်ပေးရုံနဲ့ 49.95 ဒေါ်လာတန် Software ကို အလကားသုံးနိုင်ပါပြီ...

O&O DiskImage lets you back up an entire computer or single files whenever you want – even while the computer is being used. In the event you should lose your personal data it can be quickly restored with just a few mouse clicks – even when Windows is no longer able to start. It also supports SSD drives and the latest UEFI System. O&O DiskImage lets you carry out a system restore and to duplicate or clone an entire PC or hard drive. You can even restore this backup onto a computer whose hardware is different from the original machine, for instance, where you have changed a motherboard on the target machine or have bought a brand new PC and want to restore an old backup onto it.

  • Backup an entire computer with the push of a button
  • Backup system and hard drives, clone drives and entire disks
  • Brand new file-based backup: now twice as fast as ever before – backup and restore individual files and/or folders
  • Direct creation of VHDs
  • Monitoring and warning of security risks
  • Incremental/differential backup: back up only the changes
  • Easily restore files, folders, drives and disks
  • System restore onto different hardware (M.I.R.)
  • Create a Windows Boot system directly from within the program with driver integration
  • Plug-and-play: Selected files and folders are automatically backed up and synchronized
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Vista

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Download O&O DiskImage Pro 11.2 (x86) 32bit : 43.15 MB


Download O&O DiskImage Pro 11.2 (x64) 64bit : 49.92 MB




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